Cultural activities around the Château


The wondrous châteaux, some that are world renown, its windmills, villages, and medieval cities are the true testimony of French History. Forests, ponds, and the royal river, invite you to discover them.

They color the rich historic and human patrimoy of the Heart of the Loire Valley.

  • Castle of Cheverny


  • Castle of Chambord


  • Castle of Blois

    The Château Royal de Blois is a perfect example of French Renaissance art and illustrates the evolution of French architecture from the Middle Ages to the XVIIth century.

    Distance: 16 km (From the castle)

  • Castle of Troussay

    A Renaissance manor house which is still inhabited, is richly decorated and contains the Sologne museum.

    Many elements of antique décor, which is artistically rich, can be admired.

    Distance: 1 km (From the castle)

  • Castle of Fougères sur Bièvre

    A small delightful fortified castle built in the second half of the XVth century and beginning of the XVIth by three generations of a noble Blois family.

    Distance: 7 km (From the castle)

  • Castle of Villesavin

    A superb renaissance Château, the Chateau de Villesavin is rich in history and traditions.

    Visit its very beautiful museum containing XIXth century wedding trousseaus and its museum of horse-drawn carriages and children’s toy cars.

    Distance: 11 km (From the castle)

  • Castle of Moulin

    When Philippe du Moulin, Captain for Charles VIII, became rich and prospered he built Chateau du Moulin.

    The Chateau made of diamond-shaped bricks, is surrounded by water-filled moats and ramparts with a tower at each corner.

  • Castle of Chaumont

    The Chateau overhangs the River Loire and was built at the end of the XVth century.

  • Castle of Beauregard

    The charm of Château de Beauregard with its portrait gallery and its landscaped park.

    This chateau was a favourite hunting lodge for François 1st.

    Distance: 6 km (From the castle)